'Survivor: Philippines' recap, 'Not the Only Actor on the Island'

  • Malcolm Freberg, Pete Yurkowski and Roberta "RC" Saint-Amour talk it out on "Survivor: Philippines."
Malcolm Freberg, Pete Yurkowski and Roberta "RC"… (Monty Brinton/CBS )
November 01, 2012|By Beth Aaltonen

This week starts with Kalabaw coming back from Tribal Council, and Denise realizes she has been to every Tribal Council this season. And Katie’s vote for Jonathan has made Jonathan realize that he’s not the only one lying in this game. Which, duh, it's "Survivor."

At Tangdang, Mike points out that this day is the same point in the game in "Survivor Australia" that he fell in the fire. I’m sure most of his team is thinking that it might be a good day for him to go home for this season as well.

And, as I predicted last week, the two remaining tribes are merging. A boat comes to take both tribes to a new beach. I bet Kalabaw was hoping they would get to keep their cave. As usual, they get a basket of treats and booze when they arrive on the new beach. I’m sure the producers hope that the alcohol will loosen some lips.

Mike is happy to have made the merge this time, but also realizes that while his tribe has the majority, he and RC are not part of the core alliance, and that it might be in their best interest to find new allies. Abbi tries to get RC to get information on the former members of Kalabaw, and RC wonders why she should do anything Abbi tells her to, after the way Abbi has treated her.

Wow, I’m starting to like RC. When did that happen?

Lisa starts going through everyone’s bags (ostensibly to hang their clothes to dry) and finds Malcolm’s Immunity Idol. Malcolm immediately notices, and takes Lisa aside. He immediately makes an alliance with her, and cops to his alliance with Denise, although he feels a little backed into a corner.

Jonathan, the only one who had recognized Lisa, asks her if anyone else has figured out who she is. Since the rest of her tribe is fairly young and self-involved, or generally clueless (Mike), no one has figured it out yet.

Jonathan then moves on the talking to Mike about shifting alliances. Mike then talks to RC about it. Mike’s instinct is good that the rest of Tangdang won’t keep the two of them around.

Now Jeff is talking to Tangdang (minus Mike and RC) about getting rid of Jonathan. See, this is why I hate the merge - everything turns into all strategy, all the time, and about 80% of it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual outcome. Hopefully we’ll get a challenge after the break.

And we do! It’s Immunity Challenge time! Is it the Reward Challenge too, or did they skip that this week because of the merge? There are two Immunity Necklaces — one for the last man and woman standing. This is a endurance challenge, with each Survivor holding on to a winch attached to a bucket with 25% of their body weight in it. Mike is the first one out, then Pete.

This challenge actually looks really hard — it looks like bare metal they’re holding on to, with no kind of grip, and your wrists doing most of the work. Abbi holds on just long enough for RC to be out, and then lets go, giving Denise the Immunity. The men’s necklace comes down to Jeff and Carter, and Carter won’t give in, so Jeff eventually does.  I don’t blame him — Jeff is in a better position with the other players than he is.

So, according to the voiceover with Idris, the plan is to split the vote between Jonathan and RC, with Jonathan going home if he doesn’t have an Immunity Idol. However, they are telling us this with 23 minutes to go in the episode, so who knows what will actually happen.

Back from commercial break, apparently they’ve named the new tribe Dangrayne. I have no idea why, though. Mike can’t stand the rest of his tribe, and goes to Jeff to talk about an alliance. Jeff is upfront about not wanting Jonathan and Mike to ally themselves and end up going to the end. Jeff talks to Carter about it, and Carter thinks that they can go farther with RC and Mike than getting rid of Jonathan now (I agree with him.)

Whether or not he’s actually going to, Jeff tells Tangdang that he’s still with them. We’ll see. I won’t believe anything until Jeff Probst reads the votes. But if Kalabaw is smart, they’ll stick with Jonathan for now. He may be good at playing the game, but he’s not impossible to beat at challenges.

Tribal Council time! Jeff gets into it with Abbi and RC, and finally gets down to what caused their rift, which RC still didn’t know. Pete is sniggering to himself while Abbi blames RC for uncovering the Immunity Idol clue. Lisa also talks a whole bunch, but I don’t think she understands how the game works. Why would someone who has been blatantly told that they are the seventh person in a seven person alliance, and barely tolerated stick with their original tribe? IT might make you a nice person, but it does not help you win Survivor.

Votes are cast, and Jonathan decides to play his Immunity Idol. The first three votes are for Jonathan, so it looks like that was a good idea. RC and Pete also get votes, with RC ultimately gong home.  I think this was a huge mistake for Kalabaw.

Next week: Jonathan is pissed about being betrayed.

Credits: RC gets cut of in the middle of her concession speech, and she also goes home just as I was starting to like her.

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