'American Horror Story: Asylum' recap, 'Nor'easter'

  • Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice on "American Horror Story: Asylum."
Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice on "American Horror Story:… (Byron J. Cohen/FX )
November 01, 2012|By Zach Sparks

In a season full of psychological terrors, this episode used the ferocity of nature to induce fear into the show’s characters.

The newly possessed Sister Mary Eunice foreshadowed what was to come. “There’s a storm coming Sister Jude…A big, fat storm.”   

Luckily this episode aired after the arrival of superstorm Sandy so that viewers could watch the big, fat, fictional storm.

American Horror Story fans also were treated to a drunken Sister Jude and Sister Mary Eunice’s best impression of Shelley the nymphomaniac.

Unholy Nuns

Last time we saw Sister Jude, she was slapping demon-Jed for revealing her past which included a drunk hit and run accident.

Now using the body of Sister Mary Eunice, the demon continued its torment of Sister Jude by bringing her a 1949 newspaper of the missing girl she killed.

“Where did this come from?” asks Sister Jude.

“The mailbox,” replies Sister Mary Eunice.

“No you ninny, I mean who brought it?”

“The mailman,” answers the demon nun.

Sister Jude’s first thought is to blame Dr. Oliver Thredson after he questions her practices.

“I’m a beacon of compassion,” she retaliates.

Next on the blame train is Dr. Arden.

“I see your game,” says Sister Jude. “You’re trying to drive me from my position so you can take over. First the newspaper and now the lipstick. It’s not going to work. Because you don’t know what you think you know.”

I think I know that the asylum is making Sister Jude as crazy as everyone else.

The other nun gone wild, Sister Mary Eunice, finds a patient who knows she’s controlled by Satan. You know how in some movies, the devil is scared off by a cross? Well, not here. The demon commits one of the more gruesome homicides on the show thus far, slashing the woman’s throat with a pair of scissors before stabbing her.

I’d hate to see what the demon version of Sister Mary Eunice would have done if the female patient read it scriptures or placed salt at its feet.

Sister Mary Eunice takes the dead patient and feeds her to the creatures in the woods. But she’s not done behaving badly. She has choice words for Dr. Arden.

“You know you called me in here so you could undress me with your eyes ... Put your mouth where you want to.”

I could give more detail, but this is a PG review.

Dr. Arden’s filthy mouth

Sister Mary Eunice may have been the most colorful with her use of naughty words, but Dr. Arden won on quantity.

First impressions painted Dr. Arden as an obsessed scientist with a penchant for deranged experiments. But now he’s been revealed as a perverted nut-job who often uses one word (whore) as a descriptive for all women. It’s become the top word in his vocabulary.

He’s clearly had women issues in his life. His initial reaction to hearing a girl use profanity is always to slap her. That’s never a good way to win admiration.

His abuse against women at Briarcliff Manor is becoming more frequent each week. Put this guy in a speed-date setting and you have 20 cases of battery in a matter of minutes. 

Dr. Arden paints the angel statue with lipstick, calls it a whore, and smashes it. In this episode alone, he called Shelley, Sister Mary Eunice and the statue whores.

And he’s not the one with the profanity problem…

The Great Escape

Sister Jude decides to have movie night to deter patients from trying to escape during the storm.

Drunken nuns make for bad babysitters.

Upset about the newspaper incident and the dead girl calling her, Sister Jude ends her 15 years of sobriety. Season One was akin to the Sixth Sense because the family saw dead people, and now in Season Two, Sister Jude hears dead people.  I think she could use a psychiatrist not named Oliver Thredson. 

As an introduction for movie night, we get this inspiring speech from Sister Jude:

“Don’t be afraid of the dark. At the end…of a storm…is a golden sky and the bright silver song of a lock. Walk on through the wind. Walk on through the rain. Though your dreams may be tossed, walk on.”

It’s not quite “Win one for the Gipper!” but it does turn a few heads.

Shelley enlists Grace in an escape plan, and the two are joined by Kit and Lana. Kit forgives Lana for ratting him out the last time. I guess his backside has healed from those 40 lashes.

Shelley uses her female talents to distract Carl, the guard, so the others can escape. The escape fails for all involved.

Kit, Lana and Grace run into creatures that Sister Mary Eunice has been feeding in the woods. They are scared off and go running inside. There really is no safe-haven in or around the asylum.

Shelley is captured and nearly raped by Dr. Arden, but not before realizing something small about his manhood. I knew he was overcompensating for something.

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