U.S. not safer, stronger under Obama

October 31, 2012

Please ask letter writer Sen. Jim Rosapepe where I can buy the fantasy rose-colored glasses he wears ("U.S. stronger, safer under President Obama," Oct. 27). His claims that President Barack Obama has made the world and the economy better than four years ago by "hard power, soft power, and smart power" is just not true.

By any measure, the economy is a lot worse than four years ago. Records have been set for food stamp recipients while around 23 million Americans are unemployed, not to mention that President Obama is borrowing 40 cents on very dollar the government spends (a social injustice at the highest level). The recent Libya incident with the administration obfuscating, if not outright lying, is an example of the non-openness of this administration. And no measurable progress has been made with Iran or North Korea. The war in Iraq was ended just as President George W. Bush had planned, but a planned withdrawal in 2014 in Afghanistan is the most ludicrous military strategy since bows and arrows were made. We actually should get out of there now as Afghan military and police are killing our soldiers.

Hopefully, Mr. Rosapepe will not run for a higher position of responsibility.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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