BGE's call for help a good start

October 31, 2012

As Hurricane Sandy bears down upon us and we know that there will be power outages, we will be tempted to bash Baltimore Gas and Electric when our service goes out, especially if for a longer period. We will accuse them once again of being non-responsive, as we always do, and while such power outages are not welcome events, they are caused by powers beyond our control and not by BGE's unresponsiveness and we should try to remember that.

I drove back to Harford County from Raleigh, N.C. on the morning of Oct. 28, and I passed at least 15 to 20 caravans of utility support trucks of 8 to 14 vehicles each, counting well over 100 trucks, on their way to help BGE and other nearby utilities repair the storm damage that we expect. To me, that says BGE does care about keeping power on to their customers. The power distribution system can't be made totally storm-proof, and BGE is taking the appropriate action.

Robert C Rassa, Fallston

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