Celebs cheer Orioles-shirted Marylander to World Series of Poker victory

Adam Jones, Michael Phelps send words of encouragement via Twitter

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October 31, 2012|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

A Marylander in an Orioles shirt  just won the top prize in the World Series of Poker.

Greg Merson, a pro from Laurel and University of Maryland dropout, came out on top after a marathon game against a 21-year-old college student

Winning the first prize, he comes home with more than $8.53 million. The second prize wasn't too shabby either: more than $5 million.

Merson's Orioles love didn't go unnoticed. Star player Adam Jones -- who's shirt Merson wore for the win -- Tweeted to him Tuesday, saying his dog Missy was rather impressed with that choice of outfit.

"Missy wants to wish BMORE native @gregy20723 the best of luck," Jones said. "Bring home the mula. #LEGGO and the jersey is pimp!!"

Michael Phelps, who's a big fan of poker -- and sometimes player -- was also cheering Merson on, Tweeting Wednesday morning, "Weeeeee @Gregy20723 !!!"

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