Where has all the AL's offense gone?

October 29, 2012

The American League is supposed to be the offensive league, right? Well, you wouldn’t know it by the combined performance of the AL teams in this year’s postseason, which just ended with the Detroit Tigers looking like little kitties at the plate.

The great Giants pitching staff held the Tigers to a grand total of six runs in a four-game World Series sweep that included back-to-back shutouts before Sunday night’s 4-3 extra-inning victory to bring a quick end to the series.

Since I picked the Tigers in five, we will never speak of it again.

American League hitters pretty much proved the old axiom that “good pitching will beat good hitting” throughout the postseason. The five AL playoff teams combined to score a total of 91 runs over the four rounds, which works out to an average of just 2.68 runs per team per game. The Orioles, if you were wondering and can’t divide 15 by six in your head, averaged 2.5 runs per game in the one-game playoff against the Rangers and the five-game Division Series against the Yankees.

Before you just assume that it was all great pitching, consider that the hitters over the the supposed pitching league scored a total of 167 runs over their four playoff rounds (including the World Series), or an average of 4.18 runs per game.

There’s nothing really to be divined from all this, other than the fact that the Orioles and Yankees both slumped at the plate in the playoffs and the Tigers joined them in the World Series. Simple as that.

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