Steelers uniforms ugliest ever? Absolutely

(Getty photo )
October 29, 2012|By Kevin Cowherd | The Baltimore Sun

Let's face it: there's ugly and then there's ugly.

But the retro unis the Pittsburgh Steelers wore Sunday while beating the Washington Redskins 27-12 elevated ugliness to a new height, or plunged it to a new depth, whichever way you want to go.

Garish yellow jerseys with black stripes and black numbers in a white box? They looked like giant bumblebees straight out of San Quentin.

The tan pants were an equally hideous touch. It was as if the uniform designer thought: "What's  the worst possible color to match with yellow and horizontal black stripes? Aqua? Orange? No, I know! Tan!"

The Steelers broke out the retro unis to celebrate the team's 80th season. It was announced last April that the team would be wearing them. But to get the full effect, you had to see 300-pound linemen and 250-pound linebackers and a 245-pound quarterback named Ben Roethlisberger actually running around in these get-ups and trying not to look embarrassed.

No wonder the Redskins lost -- they were probably convulsed with laughter the entire game.

And people made fun of Maryland's crazy-quilt, flag-centric unis. Those looked positively Brooks Brothers compared to what the Steelers were wearing.

The game might never be the same again.  

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