School bus operators committed to safety

October 29, 2012

As president of the Maryland School Bus Contractors Association I was dismayed to read about speed cameras in Baltimore City and Baltimore County catching school bus drivers violating posted speed limits in school zones ("Speed cameras catch school buses," Oct. 24). This is a serious issue that needed to be brought to light.

While the MSBCA does not currently represent any school bus contractors in Baltimore City and has no affiliation with the companies referred to in the article, we do represent a significant number of companies that contract with local school boards throughout the state and take the subject of your report to heart. We feel the need underscore our commitment to the safety of the children we transport.

We are committed to the safe and efficient transportation of Maryland's most precious cargo. We take this responsibility seriously, striving daily to improve the quality of pupil transportation throughout the state.

The drivers we employ are certainly not perfect. They are human and, as such, sometimes make mistakes. But we in no way take these mistakes lightly. Our track record of safety is unparalleled and we have careful measures in place to police and improve the way we carry out our very important job.

As members of the industry, we see the profession of student transportation changing daily. New technologies are emerging regularly to help us further ensure the safety of the children we transport. We welcome such advancements — ranging from on-board video/audio systems to red light and speed cameras — and the increased oversight and additional supervision they provide.

Robert L. Edwards, Forest Hill

The writer is president of the Maryland School Bus Contractors Association.

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