Say no to MGM

October 29, 2012

When you critically analyze a problem, you can come up with minor faults, major faults, and faults that are inexcusable. I am writing about an inexcusable fault in the bill that supports expanded casino gambling in the state of Maryland ("Path to jobs or bad bet for Md.?" Oct. 25).

Let me say that I am a poker player. I am not against casinos in general.

I am against giving a gambling license to an outfit that consorts with organized crime. This same outfit once operated in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey forced the company to sell its interest in the Borgata Casino because of its association with organized crime in China.

You are probably surprised to read that this organization is MGM.

There are minor, major and inexcusable faults. This is an inexcusable fault. You cannot run a casino and have known ties to organized crime. It made me nauseated to see the Gov. Martin O'Malley and Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett appearing on TV in ads bought by MGM.

You need to vote no on Question 7 so the bill can be sent back to Annapolis and they can do it right next time.

Joseph O. Boggi, Silver Spring

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