A gay believer speaks out

October 29, 2012

Maryland has been my home all my life. That is why it is so troubling to see neighbors battle against neighbors over Question 6, the referendum to legalize gay marriage ("Same-sex unions: What would Jesus do?" Oct. 25).

As a person who believes deeply in the message of Jesus Christ, I'd like to tell you where I stand on the issue, because I don't think Marylanders like me have had their voices recognized in the debate.

God knows I'm lesbian; in fact, that is how He created me. He is one of many who never left my side during my own process of coming out. I prayed and talked with God about who I am, and He has been my rock of salvation. He also gave me a church home for my wife and I to get married and for our children to be baptized.

The Holy Spirit does not discriminate. In fact, He is still calling more to come to Him, to speak, to pray, to gather and to fellowship. If we are the hands and feet of God, where are we going if we vote against Question 6? Will we exclude our fellow citizens and our fellow Americans? Do we want to send a message that we discriminate?

Growing up, I always felt at home in Harford County. My friends and I played for hours on end enjoying summer adventures there. I knew that when I had a family of my own, there was no question as to where I would raise them. I wanted them to experience the thrill of cheering the Orioles and the Ravens, taste authentic Maryland crabs, touch our beaches with their toes and view our mountain vistas.

Help me share another incredible Maryland experience with my children by voting for Question 6. A vote for Question 6 will strengthen Maryland families and validate our claim to be the Free State in the new millennium.

Our voices have the power to change history. Will you stand with me on the side of justice and equality?

Suzanne Lindsay, Nottingham

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