Letter writer supports charter change on vacancy in Harford county executive office

October 29, 2012|Letter to The Aegis


I support Question A, which would amend the county charter regarding vacancy in the office of county executive. Under the current charter, if a county executive leaves office early in the four-year term, an appointed replacement could serve almost the entire four-year term. Question A will amend the charter to allow the voters to elect a new county executive at the next Congressional election, so any appointed replacement could serve no more than two years.

Question A also adds a requirement that if the former county executive was a member of a political party when elected, any appointed temporary replacement should be a member of the same party. This is similar to the charter's provisions regarding appointments when a county council seat becomes vacant. The quandary posed in a letter published in last Wednesday's Aegis will simply not happen; the requirement only applies if the former county executive was a member of a political party when elected. The full text of all proposed charter amendments (not just the summary on the ballot) is published in the legal notices in the Aegis' classified section.

I urge voters to vote FOR Question A.

Rich Norling


The writer was a member of the Charter Review Board that recommended charter amendments to the County Council and County Executive.

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