Aegis editorial recommends voters stick with Bowen for judge

October 29, 2012|Editorial from The Aegis

A Harford County Circuit Court Judge, recently appointed to the bench by the governor, is on the ballot unopposed in Tuesday's general election, but it isn't because she hasn't faced any other candidates.

In the primary back in April, she was opposed by Steven J. Scheinin and H. Edward Andrews III, both of whom have become the voice of the opposition to having judges appointed by the governor. Bowen got more votes than Scheinin and Andrews combined, and, because of a quirk in Maryland judicial elections, won both the Democratic and Republican primaries. As she has already won in both primaries, The Aegis recommends voters again stick with her in the general election.

Similarly, The Aegis recommends voting for the two appeals court judges on the ballot for continuance in office.

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