Letter: Religious principles lead to support of same-sex marriage

Letters to the editor

October 28, 2012

Letters published recently opposing same-sex marriage have focused on religion as a basis for that opposition, treating support for marriage equality as if it were a secular position. This ignores the fact that many of us who support marriage equality do so from religious principles. It is our religion, not some secular viewpoint, that compels us to work for dignity and equality for all individuals.

Incidentally, John Lofton's letter on the subject ("Theological arguments against gay marriage have national ties," Letters, Oct. 25) bases his argument entirely on the Declaration of Independence. Magnificent as the Declaration is — and I yield to none in my admiration for it — it has no force of law. It can be summarized as "Hey, World, we're an independent country now!" The legal framework for the country is found in the Constitution, which doesn't mention God; prohibits government from favoring one religion over another; and requires equal protection for everyone.

D.A. Neiburg


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