Why are New Yorkers designing Harford County's new arts center?

October 27, 2012

As a member of the arts community, I find it to be very exciting that Harford County will get a new arts center funded by a major contribution from Emily Bayless Graham ("Designs are unveiled for Harford arts center," Oct. 24).

What bothers me however is the hiring of a New York firm to design it.

Maryland, and particularly Baltimore and it's surrounding counties, have several extremely talented architectural firms, some of which have excellent reputations for this type of project.

With the economic slowdown in our area that has forced firms to layoff employees or close, why has a New York firm been hired to do this important project?

The same thing has happened to several other area projects in recent years, and I think it does a great injustice to our local talent.

Bob Paulding, Monkton

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