Mayor-comptroller fight muddies election decisions

October 26, 2012

I have been a registered voter in Baltimore City for 25 years and have dutifully exercised my franchise. As the election season rolls around, I await the delivery of my sample ballot to review the available selections for elected officials, legislative changes, and other initiatives. I carefully consider the bond initiatives put before the voters that when endorsed by the citizenry grant authority to the mayor and City Council to borrow money on our behalf. I read the promise of improvements to the city's infrastructure, public services, and cultural amenities.

Never before this year have I questioned that these would be good investments. I hesitated as I considered that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Comptroller Joan Pratt would be provided an opportunity to go to battle over $100 million, battling not to assure the best for the good people of Baltimore, but for other ill-defined reasons ("You can fight City Hall; City Hall does," Oct. 21). I implore the mayor and comptroller to find quickly a way to resolve their differences and begin working in collaboration for the betterment of Baltimore.

I want to endorse the bond initiatives at the upcoming election with confidence that city leadership will responsibly discharge their duty to spend and invest wisely on my behalf. I encourage other city residents to demand this of them as well. I also remind other registered voters to follow this year's lengthy ballot to the end, because no one should miss Question K. This amendment would bring Baltimore elections for mayor, comptroller, and City Council into sync with the national four-year election cycle, moving the next citywide election for officials elected in 2011 to 2016.

Successful passage of Question K would result in an additional year of the current city leadership. If past performance is an indication of future behavior, I am reluctant to cast a vote to grant the mayor or comptroller any additional time in office.

A.I. Schneiderman, Baltimore

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