Letter: Obama's plans mean a weaker America

Letter to editor

October 26, 2012

About this time in 2008, in a letter to the editor of the Catonsville Times, I listed 27 taxpayer-unfriendly plans Barack Obama had in store for us, if he were elected president.

Well, four years have passed since then, and at least 21 of those 27 items have been implemented or are now works-in-progress.

I expect the other six will become realities, if President Obama is reelected.

He'll appoint even more anti-American Socialists, Islamists and Hispanics to positions of power and influence than he already has.

He'll increase taxes for everybody, including middle class Americans.

He'll encourage and enable more citizens and illegal aliens to become wards of the government.

He'll continue to lower our international status from super to so-so.

He will seriously diminish our ability to successfully defend ourselves against attacks by enemies armed with nuclear weapons and perhaps even with conventional weapons.

Richard Seymour


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