Towson investigation finds issues with coaching staff's profane language, no practice violations

October 25, 2012|By Chris Korman | The Baltimore Sun

Towson athletic director Mike Waddell said Wednesday that an internal investigation into football coach Rob Ambrose’s program revealed no excess in practice areas but did find issues with the coaching staff’s use of profane language.

“We have standards at Towson, core ideals about how we act and deal with our students,” he said. “We’ve talked to the entire coaching staff about that.”

A letter sent to the Towson’s school newspaper, The Towerlight, signed by former player Trevor Walker and 26 others who wished to remain anonymous, accused Ambrose of inaccurately recording practice hours so as to exceed limits set by the NCAA.

Waddell said the practice time issue had been reported to the compliance office by players previously, and that a review of logs and a series of interviews with coaches, players, compliance officials and medical staff found no wrong-doing.

The letter also accused defensive coordinator Matt Hachmann of using abusive language, and Ambrose of using offensive language. Waddell said the issue had been addressed. Ambrose released a statement:

“I hold deep respect for the rights and beliefs of every individual, and would never intentionally disparage these beliefs,” the statement reads. “I apologize profusely to the Towson University community and anyone who was offended by my pregame speech to the football team.  The hyperbole was intended only to motivate and to evoke the sense that together, as a team, we could not be beaten. I take from this a valuable lesson, and know that our season is very much alive with another National Championship caliber team.”

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