If you don't specify 'black tie,' will wedding guests arrive in jeans?

October 25, 2012|By Rachel Gatulis | For The Baltimore Sun

I just came from celebrating the marriage of two of Andrew's good friends this past weekend. We had the best time, surrounded by great friends. The ceremony was tasteful and simple. The reception was at a prestigious (read: very fancy) country club and was absolutely beautiful. The invitation said "black tie." To reiterate: the men were asked to wear their jackets if they left the reception room for any reason, so as to not offend the other members at the club. However, I was in the minority wearing a long dress. What is the proper etiquette for attire these days?

I have a friend who is getting married soon. Her invitation said, "black tie invited." We were talking about it a while back because I was trying to figure out if I needed to buy another dress. She told me the only reason they decided on BTI is to ensure certain guests take note to leave their jeans at home. Jeans at the Belvedere? Should I be worried?

Andrew and I are certainly not having a super fancy reception and obviously want everyone to be comfortable, but I am a little apprehensive about guests seeing that our wedding is on the waterfront and therefore, assuming the attire will be that of a beach wedding. I mentioned our preferred attire on the wedding website but am worried it may be a little presumptuous, if not tacky. Has anyone else noticed this trend? Have you found a polite way to stress a preferred attire?

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