Save Towson baseball

October 24, 2012

I was saddened to read of Towson State University's move to eliminate the mens' soccer and baseball programs ("University plans to cut baseball and men's soccer," Oct. 7). Sure, my alma mater is in the middle of a major growth spurt, but the decision to discontinue these sports just reeks of a skewed playing surface.

The effort to get the university to reconsider their decision is gaining momentum. At a recent alumni baseball game, more than 100 former Towson baseball players attended, including Casper Wells, who currently plays major league baseball for the Seattle Mariners.

The president of the university attended the game, as did former Orioles pitcher Tippy Martinez, whose son played baseball there in the early 1990s, Over 4,000 signatures have been gathered on a petition to reverse the university's decision to dump these programs.

I recently visited the campus and counted more than 50 signs with pleas to save Towson baseball. A plane recently flew over M&T Bank Stadium during a Ravens game towing a banner with the same message.

Parents of players from both the baseball and soccer teams have led discussion groups regarding this issue. There is no lack of passion among parents of baseball and soccer team members, who are staunchly supportive of their student-athlete children.

It's not too late for the university to reconsider the decision to eliminate these sports. If Towson wants to run with other university "big dogs" it would behoove it to let these programs remain as viable attractions for prospective students in the future.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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