Randy Edsall: 'I'm not panicked' over Terps quarterback injuries

Maryland coach copes with latest quarterback injury

October 23, 2012|By Jeff Barker | The Baltimore Sun

What’s that old saying? “If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.”

After losing its second starting quarterback to the same injury -- an anterior cruciate ligament tear -- Maryland is left to start again at quarterback.

I'll have a story for tomorrow's paper on the two guys left standing -- Caleb Rowe and Devin Burns. They are very different sorts of players. Rowe is a pocket passer. Two teammates described him to me today as a "gunslinger" because of the way he whips the ball downfield during two-minute drills in practice. His high school coach said Rowe -- who grew up near Clemson -- is going to make the Tigers regret not going after him harder.

Burns is more mobile, as you know if you watched the N.C. State game.

We won't know who is starting against Boston College until at least Thursday, when we speak to coach Randy Edsall and the injury report comes out.

How bad is it for Maryland? The team has no third-string quarterback. It is left to choose between a freshman tight end (Brian McMahon) and a converted linebacker (Shawn Petty).

Both McMahon and Petty played quarterback in high school. So they have that going for them. Which is good.

Here are some notes from Tuesday's media session

** Edsall said he is not frustrated. "I’m not panicked, upset, or frustrated. You just roll with the punches and go out to get yourself ready for a win,” the coach said.

** Edsall said he has endured this sort of thing before. I had a [defensive back] that we had to get ready to play quarterback in Darius Butler when I was at Connecticut. So, no, this isn’t new territory for me. We will take Shawn Petty and Brian McMahon practicing at quarterback to get a third guy. You feel bad for the guys that get hurt, but injuries are something that you can’t control."

But will Petty and McMahon be able to learn the plays?

"Brian, at least being on offense, kind of knows it," Edsall said. "Shawn, it will be a little bit different because he was a defensive guy, so he has to learn some terminology. But both guys will be able to throw and run the ball I’m sure. It’s like riding a bike. They didn’t forget how to run or throw the ball by not having played quarterback for the past few months.”

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