Campaign donors call the tune

October 23, 2012

The article entitled "Outside money cements place on Capitol Hill" (Oct. 21) really disgusted me.

I realize that the Supreme Court opened the floodgates for corporations supporting candidates and that is a separate issue, but the net concept is the same.

Why would corporations and individuals blow so much money on campaigns if they truly got nothing in return? In an economy where thousands are barely surviving and corporations have cut jobs, why is dumping millions of dollars to support a candidate a good idea? Voting should be enough to ensure voices are heard.

Make the issues and information available at libraries, grocery stores and the Internet and stop these disgusting high-priced ads and high-dollar dinners. If individuals and corporations have so much money to burn, why not give it to food banks, charities or their communities?

We have become a society without ethics and without the ability to set priorities for the good of our fellow men and women. It makes me so sad and frightened when I realize that we are creating an even bigger slippery slope for future generations.

Bernie Bishoff, Nottingham

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