WWE will have to wait and see how its risky moves play out

October 22, 2012|By Adam Testa

WWE has a tendency of tearing down people in front of their hometown crowds.

It's almost as if what started as a bad joke has now become canon and must be incorporated. Need to take someone down a notch? Wait until they're in front of a hometown crowd.

Tonight, on Raw, it was General Manager AJ Lee's turn, as she was forced to resign from her position amidst "allegations" she fraternized with a member of the roster.

There has been very little build to the removal of Lee from the post. Yes, as she pointed out herself, there have been many times she "could have" - and probably "should have" - been fired, but there was no real hints it was coming. And, no, an early morning tweet doesn't count.

Backstage, Lee revealed that the wrestler in question was John Cena, who claimed the two simply shared a business dinner. Allegedly, though, there is "incriminating evidence" supporting something inappropriate happening between the two.

The timing of the matter just seems as if it came out of nowhere. Whether or not it was done because of the proximity to Lee's childhood home or as an attempt to draw attention away from the National League Championship Series, the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football or the final presidential debate remains to be seen.

However you look at it, the decision just seems odd. Especially when the new plan is for Vince McMahon to introduce yet another power position into the corporate structure, as he appointed Vickie Guerrero as the "managing supervisor" of Raw.

The last thing WWE needs is another authority figure role. Fans who pay close enough attention already need a flow chart to determine who ranks where in the corporate structure, and it only gets more confusing when one attempts to track who has been fired and mysteriously rehired.

Even McMahon noted he's not sure what that job title - yes, the one he gave to Guerrero - means. Talk about making a mockery of your own decisions.

WWE seems to be taking some risky moves as of late, and it's either going to fly exceedingly well in the long run or come back to bite them in the backside. For the sake of everyone, including the viewer, I'm hoping it's the former.

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