Letter: School board candidate Murray would contribute an 'independent voice'

Letter to the editor

October 22, 2012

All of our Districts 21 elected state representatives endorse David Murray's opponent for school board (Letters, Oct. 11), although, they agree that "David Murray is a bright, hardworking" individual. Why? And why do state politicians get involved so blatantly with our independent county school board election?

David Murray favors an independent audit of the Prince George's County schools. Is this demand for periodic audits one reason for their fear? Such a process will make certain that taxpayers' funds are used effectively and properly for our students.

David Murray is independent. To be honest, some time ago I thought he was actually tied to (what some folks call) the "Green Machine." But obviously, he cannot be.

In addition to his many other qualifications, David is a member of the Deerfield Run Elementary, Laurel High School PTA and a member of the board of directors for Side by Side of Laurel. As a product of our schools, David knows and favors as his first priority the interests of the students.

Let's not have a homogeneous clique of board members. Please vote for an independent voice who will promote the interests of both the citizens and the students of Prince George's County.

Ed Walsh


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