Letter: Proposed CA legislation would deny lien-payers rights

October 22, 2012

Columbia Association wants legislation passed that will reclassify itself as a nonprofit community services corporation and remove all of its lien-payers from the protection of all Homeowners Association laws. CA recognizes only the 10 members of the Columbia Council as members of CA, excluding 100,000 residents on 37,000 lien-paying residential and commercial properties.

The president of CA is not elected by lien-payers. My guess is that CA is probably the largest organization in the country where people are forced to pay an annual fee, are not considered members and can't vote for their executive. This is un-American!

New legislation should be passed that reaffirms CA as an HOA with all lien-payers as members and owners who elect the president of CA to a maximum of two four-year terms.

All other HOAs in Maryland recognize the lien-payers as members. As a citizen of this country and resident of this county I vote for the county executive, state governor and U.S. president.

CA is broken. Let's fix CA. If I have to pay, I have a say, that's the American Way.

Bill McCormack Jr.


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