Letter: Wake up, Columbia, and stop CA effort to be reclassified

October 22, 2012

Wake up, Columbia. Have you heard that CA wants legislation to change from a homeowners association to a nonprofit community service corporation?

Nonprofit? There seems to be a lot of profit at CA. The salary of the president of CA is reported to be $250,000, in contrast with Maryland's governor and Baltimore's mayor, who earn about $150,000.

CA claims it is not a governmental or quasi-governmental entity. However, CA provides services usually expected of city government that aren't covered by county government.

CA's attorneys fight covenant violations. Like governments, they collect money that residents must pay. In cities, this money is called a tax and is deductible. In Columbia, it is a lien owed to CA and is not deductible.

CA's president claimed publicly that State representatives asked CA to write such legislation. I asked Del. Guy Guzzone if this is the case and he said, "Absolutely not." This makes CA look less than honest. What else is absolutely not true?

Wake up, Columbia. It's time you know where our CA lien money goes, and to determine if such legislation is the way you want to be controlled — if not governed.

Nancy McCord


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