'The Walking Dead' recap, episode 302: 'Sick'

A zombie panty raid!

  • Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride), Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)
Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride), Beth Greene (Emily Kinney),… (Gene Page/AMC )
October 21, 2012|By Andrew Conrad, aconrad@tribune.com

Thanks "The Walking Dead", now I no longer have to wonder what a zombie's panties look like. And I no longer have to wonder what it would be like to see a zombie in its panties have its stomach slit open with a pocket knife. It made me feel a little ashamed and sad, but there are probably some real sick puppies out there who get turned on by that kind of stuff!

To add a little context, Carol — the de facto medical point person since Doc Hershel is laid up with his severed leg — wants to do some cruel and unusual medical experiment to learn how to perform a C-section in preparation for Lori's child birth. So, instead of doing something ridiculous like finding a medical text in the prison library, she poleaxes a charming young lady zombie through the eye with a steel rod, lays it down and hikes up its dress, and then disembowels it in the middle of the prison yard.

Shockmaster John Waters should be proud.

Although that scene was the most lasting image of Sunday night's episode, appropriately titled "Sick", there were also some plot developments.

We got to meet the prisoners that were revealed at the end of last week's season premiere, and they were an interesting bunch.

I think my favorite is the little guy with the Yosemite Sam moustache who keeps saying funny things. Apparently his name is Axel. A few of his pearls of wisdom (this doesn't count as the quote board):

  • "What do you mean infected, like AIDS or something?"
  • "I can't wait for my own pot to piss in."
  • "We don't have no affiliation to what just happened. Tell him Oscar!"
  • "It was them that was bad, it wasn't us!"
  • "I like my pharmaceuticals, but I'm no killer."
There was also Big Tiny who seemed like a pretty good guy ("What about my moms?"). He sort of reminded me of the Michael Oher character in "The Blind Side". I say the Michael Oher character, because his portrayal in that movie was as such a caricature of a gentle giant that it was kind of silly. Remember when he just watched slack-jawed as a bunch of balloons floated away? Anyway, that's what Big Tiny kind of reminded me of. It's a shame he had to get his, because I thought he would have been a pretty good guy for the group, and a good fighter. Unfortunately he obviously made a big target for zombie-bone-shard-stump-back-rakes.

Justice was served, though, as his killer — they might have named him in the episode but I didn't catch it, we'll call him Esse — has his hair parted by machete courtesy of Rick. (Update: his name was Tomas. R.I.P. Tomas)

Then there is the Lil' Slugger (Andrew), who is fed to the zombies in the courtyard. I actually felt pretty sorry for him, maybe because we have the same name. :-(

"You better run," Rick tells him.

Other than that, there was a lot of posturing, sword rattling, Mexican standoffs and discussions. Oh, Hershel came to and everyone stood around him smiling and sharing good vibes.

I was kind of surprised that we didn't meet The Governor this week, or see Woodberry, or see the helicopter, or catch up with Andrea and Michonne, or see Merle, or anything outside of the prison. I'm not complaining, I mean, I knew they weren't going to keep up the all-out bloodbath that was last week's episode, but the pace has definitely slowed.

I think what we need is a good dose of antagonism and crude humor. I sure hope that was Merle Dixon hiding in the bushes at the end, spying on Carol playing doctor with that zombie co-ed.

He wouldn't! Or would he...?

I almost thought Rick was going to kill Lori there for a second! Did anyone else get that feeling? It was when they were standing out on the walkway, and he put his hand on her shoulder. For a second I thought he was going to just stab the heck out of her to get her out of the way. He has been acting strange lately, but it still would have been a huge shocker.

Rick is still just a big softy

When Hershel holds hands with Rick, the hardened leader gets all sentimental again, like when Carl saw a deer. I did think it would have been pretty funny though if he sat there for a second, and then he was like "Hey, someone wanna tell this old man to let go of my hand, before he loses another limb?"

A leg up

Hah. Wouldn't it have been funny if, when they left Hershel's big, bloody, severed leg sitting in the middle of the cafeteria, it had sprung to life (cause, you know, that's how zombies work) and started kicking all the prisoners in the bottoms like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest?

Prison violence is funny

We get a bit of good comic relief when the prisoners show off their brawling skills in their first encounter with the zombies. Big Tiny gives one double arm bars, and then Axel starts shivving up its stomach like he's in "Oz" or something, and then Rick and Daryl look over at them in amusement, like "Good grief!"

A missed opportunity for advertising

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