A vote for marriage equality is a vote for happiness

October 20, 2012

Whether or not one is in favor of Maryland's Question 6 that would legalize same-sex marriage, let's be clear about one thing: The successful passage of this measure will make a lot of people incredibly happy. Happy that straight folk have decided it's only fair to extend the same rights to their gay brethren and sistern that they themselves enjoy without ever having lifted a ring finger. Nothing in Question 6 will have any appreciable or deleterious affect on a straight person's life in Maryland. None.

One's genuinely held religious, moral and/or other convictions and beliefs do not trump my right to pursue an individual happiness that harms no one else. The happiness I pursue is being enabled to legally marry the man I love.

If there was ever a referendum that presented the electorate with the perfect opportunity to practice the Golden Rule, voting Yes on Question 6 is that opportunity. The right to pursue happiness is so ingrained in our society that it's difficult to imagine that any fair and balanced voter would make a concerted effort to deny me that right. So I thank you for not denying me, your gay children, your gay siblings, or your gay friends that right. Seriously.

Fred Ketteman

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