Catholic doctors for traditional marriage

October 19, 2012

I cherish my Roman Catholic faith, which supports authentic marriage between one man and one woman. The church's teachings are often misinterpreted to be difficult and countercultural, however they are always grounded in truth. The truth is that marriage is not a right but recognition of the only relationship capable of producing children. Authentic marriage is critical to the health and well being of children.

As a physician, I can tell you that the best available published scientific evidence indicates that marriage between one man and one woman in a stable relationship is the optimal situation for healthy development of children. Children raised in same sex unions are necessarily deprived of this significant component of development. Supporting such a deprivation through the legal recognition of same sex unions, the state puts children at a greater risk for emotional, relational, and academic harm.

Marriage need not be redefined to provide benefits such as medical decision making, health insurance coverage, hospital visitation, etc, which are already available under domestic partnership laws which have been passed in many states.

Finally, I represent and support the Catholic Medical Association's (CMA) resolution recently passed at its general assembly on this issue: "Resolved that the Catholic Medical Association calls on all state governments and the federal government to promote the welfare of children by affirming that marriage can only exist between one man and one woman, and that marriage, as traditionally understood, should be upheld as the optimal family setting for raising children."

Dr. Marie-Alberte Boursiquot, Baltimore

The writer is president of the Baltimore Guild-Catholic Medical Association.

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