Watch the Orionid meteors this weekend

  • An Orionid meteor streaks across the sky in 2007.
An Orionid meteor streaks across the sky in 2007. (Brocken Inaglory / Wikimedia…)
October 19, 2012|By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun

One of several meteor showers to take place around the same time each year, the Orionid meteor shower is best seen in the early mornings this weekend.

The best time to see them is between midnight and dawn, according to, and in a place far enough from the city lights that you can see some stars in the sky. That includes the stars of Orion's belt.

That's because, like other annual showers, the Orionids are named from the point from which they appear to radiate in the sky. Orion is one of the easier constellations to find, but nevertheless, watching the shower doesn't require locating Orion.

The meteors should be visible all over the night sky as they emanate from the direction of the constellation. Skies are forecast to be clear and the crescent moon should set early enough to make the streaks of light stand out.

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