Baltimore school board has been asleep on the job for years

October 18, 2012

I was a teacher-mentor in the Baltimore City schools years ago when the city went $57 million in debt and we were all fired ("Schools audit draws concern," Oct. 9). I remember thinking at the time that the school board must have been sleeping not to have noticed the discrepancies in funding.

Well, what do you know: The new school board has the same problem. Why do they accept what they are told? Isn't it their job to see through the spin to oversee what is going on in the system and make sure the job is being done?

I am guessing that they did not know about the abolition of the office of preschool. I have not been able to find out whose idea that was. Services to the preschoolers with disabilities are not being handled in a timely manner. Even parents did not know about the significant changes when the office was dissolved.

And how about the amounts that were paid to retiring personnel to buy back their sick days? Can anyone really accumulate $160,000 worth of sick days?

If the school board members look asleep, sound asleep and do nothing as if they were asleep, they must be asleep.

I am not a proponent of an elected school board, but surely there should be a probationary period for new members — and maybe even a quick quiz on what is going on under their watch.

Sheila Eller

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