The Romney evolution

October 18, 2012

The recent presidential debate was an eye opener.

First, we discovered that Mitt Romney wants to open National Parks and Wilderness areas to oil and gas drilling and exploration. Then, we learned that Mr. Romney is severely math deficient, proposing a tax plan that makes little sense and is mathematically impossible. You can't cut taxes on all including the wealthy, increase defense spending, extend Bush tax cuts and still reduce the national debt. It simply doesn't work, even my 10-year-old grandson could find holes in this piece of arithmetic.

We can only wonder how many extreme makeovers one candidate can go through. We witnessed Mitt Romney as a progressive governor, then a hard-right conservative primary candidate disavowing his prior accomplishments, and now he presents himself as a near-liberal presidential candidate disavowing what he said during the primaries. He now says he likes parts of Obamacare health reforms and Dodd-Frank bank regulations when he roundly trashed both just several months ago, threatening to rescind both immediately upon becoming president. What a performance! And who will he turn out to be next time? We can all wonder.

Jack Kinstlinger, Baltimore

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