All's changed, changed utterly

October 18, 2012|By John E. McIntyre | The Baltimore Sun

You have seen the changes, the tectonic shifts, in journalism. 

Copy editors are now so scarce that drawings of us will soon be included in books about fabulous beasts like the unicorn and the basilisk. 

Word came out today that Newsweek, despite the machinations of that one-trick pony Tina Brown, will cease print publication at year's end, maintaining a ghostly existence in pixels. 

But nothing has brought home a sense of how utterly American journalism has been transformed that something I witnessed myself this week. 

An editor at our sister publication b had procured a case of beer for a photo shoot to accompany an article. Good beer, too, not that filthy light muck. He left the case of beer, open, on his desk in the newsroom two days ago. 

And it's still there.

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