'Survivor Philippines' recap, Got My Swag Back

The Matsing tribe is split up, creating new alliances in the Kalabaw and Tangdang tribes.

  • Tandang, Matsing and Kalabaw Tribe prepare for the reward challenge.
Tandang, Matsing and Kalabaw Tribe prepare for the reward challenge.
October 18, 2012|By Beth Aaltonen

Previously on Survivor: Matsing sucked, and it rained a whole lot.

Coming back from Tribal Council, Denise and Malcolm are worried, tired and cold. They don’t know if they will be split up, or if they will mix up all the tribes. On the upside, they (finally) find the Immunity Idol. It seems to raise their spirits a bit.

At the Challenge, Mike seems surprised that Russell was voted out. Really? I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.  

And as Malcolm and Denise feared, Matsing is no more, and they are being split up. Malcolm is going to Tangdang, and Denise is going to Kalabaw. Sucks for them, but as Malcolm said, everyone likes an underdog. Especially me.

Now onto the reward challenge. They are holding statues on little stands and the idea is to knock the other persons idol off before they get yours. Mike is smart and throws his statue high in the air, knocking Jonathan’s off before Mike’s can hit the ground. Abbi gets annoyed at Dawson for going for her hair and tells her not to “play like a bitch.” The Crazy is strong in this one.

Malcolm beats Jeff in the end, and Tangdang wins reward. Malcolm is ecstatic to finally win, and even more excited to be able to eat some sugar.

Back at Tangdang camp, everyone is on a sugar high as they devour cookies. RC wishes that they had Denise on their team because she thinks she has a better chance allying with her.

Then the editors make it look like Malcolm was bonding with Pete while RC went for a swim, but I think she was sitting there the whole time. RC thinks she needs to flirt with Malcolm to get him on her side, which is woefully underestimating Malcolm’s intelligence and totally not the right way to go with him. Pete flat out tells him that they will keep him and get rid of Mike, and that Pete has the Idol.

And, as a predicted, the women at Kalabaw are going to take advantage of getting Denise in order to oust Jeff, Jonathan and that blonde guy. (Seriously, we’ve spent almost no time with these people, I have no idea who half of them are.)

What’s not good for the women’s alliance at Kalabaw is that Dana seems to be really, really sick. She’s shaking, can’t keep anything down, has stabbing pains in her stomach, and is running a fever. So the medical team gets called in to evaluate her. Because she’s not in a life-threatening situation, it’s up to Dana to decide if she wants to stay in the game despite the pain - and Dana decides to take herself out.

I can’t blame her - while her life may not have been in danger, she was in a hell of a lot of pain. I’m sure they gave her some drugs the minute she stepped on that boat.

Since thhe last challenge was only a Reward Challenge, they begin the Immunity Challenge. I had gotten used to them doing the two together. I like it better separately - mostly because it leaves less time for strategy and shenanigans on the beach. This Challenge pretty much looks like a big ‘ole obstacle course with some knots thrown in for fun and a puzzle (of course) at the end.

Abbi sits out for Tangdang, and Jeff points out how much they sit her out. Kalabaw falls behind at the start and never quite catches up. They lose by mere seconds and they show them side by side in the shot, so you know it was actually close, not just editing monkey business.

Again, I can see why Dana took herself out - given the shape she was in, could you imagine her running through that course?

So now Kalabaw, already down a person, is going to Tribal Council. Since I barely know these people I have no idea who will be going home, but I hope that it’s not Denise. Maybe it will be Kate, since she caused them to fall behind at the beginning of the Challenge.

It looks like Dana being sick threw the women off their game, as no one approached Denise about an alliance. Since Jeff is no dummy and has seen how strong and smart Denise is, he approaches her to be the fourth in his alliance. Also no dummy, Denise quickly agrees.  

They need to decide if it’s going to be Dawson or Kate. Kate screwed up at this challenge, but Dawson has sucked more overall. Dawson decides to really screw herself over by belittling baseball and how much it sucks, and how it’s easier than other professional sports. She is, of course, doing this because she recognized Jeff. I don’t think she realizes how vulnerable she actually is.

Tribal Council time! Kate fully owns up to screwing up the Challenge, but hopes her past performance speaks for her. Dawson thinks that her main contribution is keeping up morale around camp. Wow, she’s so going home.

And yup, it’s Dawson going home. And she weirdly hugs Jeff Probst on her way out. Can’t say I’m upset about that, since I barely knew her. I’m glad that Denise is sticking around, though. Hopefully her and Malcolm can both make it through to the merge. (I do so love the underdog.)


Next week: A whole lotta mud, and things get a little rough.

Credits: Dawson is a little cray-cray, and wants Jeff (the player) to buy her a motorcycle, sidecar, helmet, and pink gun if he wins. Huh?

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