The Ravens' huge "digital universe" proves it: They're not just a football team, but a digital media company

  • A slide showing the Baltimore Ravens' "digital universe" -- or how it uses the Internet and social media to interact with fans.
A slide showing the Baltimore Ravens' "digital… (Baltimore Ravens/Michelle…)
October 18, 2012|Gus G. Sentementes

I was at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit this morning in downtown Baltimore, where I caught the Baltimore Ravens digital marketing guru, Michelle Andres, talking about how the NFL team handles the Internet, social media and apps. In short, the soup-to-nuts digital experience for both players and fans of the Ravens franchise.

Sure, the team is covered by a lot of traditional media outlets, including us at The Baltimore Sun. But they've also become a digital marketing and publishing powerhouse in their own right. See that slide above, which Andres showed at the conference? Those are the Ravens' impressive stats on the Internet and in the social media world.

Consider: Before the Internet, the Ravans didn't have all the options depicted in the slide. This is how companies and teams -- typically with their rabid fan bases -- now connect with their fans and customers these days.

Among the many digital-related tasks that the Ravens now cover, Andres talked about how they prepare new players to the team to handle themselves well on Twitter and Facebook. "Your coaches are looking at this. The media is looking at this. Your fans, your family are looking at this," she said.

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