Editorials reflect anti-conservative bias

October 16, 2012

Just as the sun will rise in the morning, The Sun's readers can expect another pro-Barack Obama or anti-Mitt Romney editorial. Case in point is "Romney the doomsayer," (Oct. 15) which was proceeded the day before by the editorial, "Biden connects" (Oct. 14).

While the editorial page is yours to publish as you wish, please stop hiding your outright bias against conservatives and attempting to prejudice current issues for independents.

Your masthead that reads, "Light For All," would be more appropriately headed, "Light For Liberals." There is little left in the paper for others than those of your persuasion, except for the advertisements and coupons, for which we receive some value.

So, the only unanswered comment, is when are your editorial writers going to surface their unquestioned devotion, loyalty and endorsement of President Obama for reelection?

Chuck Marks, Perry Hall

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