Sun marches in lockstep with Lenin liberals

October 16, 2012

If anyone still had doubts about The Sun's editorial staff being a bunch of Left-of-Lenin Liberal Liars, Sunday's editorial ("Biden connects," Oct. 14) should certainly put any such doubts to rest.

Their editorial described Vice President Joe Biden as "garrulous and heartfelt" while dismissing Rep. Paul Ryan as being "wonkish."

The editorial praised Mr. Biden's performance in the debate while accusing Mr. Ryan of trying to mislead the public, the very thing Mr. Biden and The Sun editorial writers were actually doing.

Their editorial totally avoided mentioning Mr. Biden's boorish behavior throughout the debate.

Their editorial deliberately tried to mislead Sun readers into believing that Mitt Romney's Medicare proposal was based solely on a "voucher" system when they knew — or should have known — that Mr. Romney's plan offered participants a choice of plans that included the Medicare plan in which senior citizens were already enrolled.

Their editorial supported the Obama-Biden administration's policy of providing enemy forces in Afghanistan with a date-certain when the Obama administration would withdraw our military forces.

Their editorial cast Mr. Ryan as a "bad guy" for being critical of the Obama-Biden administration's failure during their four years in office to stop Iran's relentless progress toward developing a nuclear weapon.

In short, The Sun's editorial writers marched in lock-step with every other radical liberal, who always seem to be saying the same thing at the same time about the same topic.

I no longer ask "Have you no shame?" I know the answer.

Richard T. Seymour, Baltimore

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