Orioles star Adam Jones mulling a move to Maryland

October 16, 2012|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

Orioles fans were whipped into a frenzy Monday at the notion that star Adam Jones might be moving to town.

Adam Jones reaching for the same cinnamon rolls at Safeway? Adam Jones playing with his dog at Patterson Park? Adam Jones doing anything at all here all year long forever?

Baltimore's collective reply was: YES PLEASE!

It all started with this Tweet from Jones around lunchtime: "Do I move to Maryland? A question that has been lingering in my head."

Orioles fans leapt into action, favoriting the Tweet nearly 100 times.

UPDATE: Jones said Monday night on Twitter that he looked at some properties earlier in the day and was "impressed."

Also, Good Charlotte's Benji Madden chimed in to convince him to drop anchor in the Free State. "no other place in the world like it," Madden said. "I'll always have a house there. Highly suggest it:) plus Ur an Oriole 4ever now! MD loves U."

The State of Maryland Twitter account hurried to reply to the original Tweet, typing, "Yes! You are an important part of our #MDPride."

The state's tourism Twitter account also chipped in, asking followers to tell Jones why he should move here. The account also Tweeted that to the attention of Gov. Martin O'Malley.

Regular folks tried to twist his arm, too.

"Winters here are no bueno," wrote Sush. "Other than that, it's a great idea!"

Mike Hall didn't want the cold weather thing to turn off Jones.

"You should! If you do move here, I'd consider giving you my prized winter hat," Hall said, attaching a picture of a very furry Orioles hat.

At least one fan wanted Jones to stay where he apparently lives  now -- in San Diego.

"As an Orioles fan in San Diego," Tweeted Jason Woodmansee, "I say you stay here. We can go get tacos some day."


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