Police, prosecutors have failed Monae's family

October 15, 2012

The death of a 13-year-old Monae Turnage was heard throughout the Baltimore area earlier this year. Two underage juveniles ages 12 and 13, who were charged with involuntary manslaughter. They didn't receive any jail sentences, only psychiatric help was given at ruling. The two young boys were known to be the victim's friends; they admitted to accidentally shooting the victim and later dumping her body in an alley. The cover-up may also have involved a city police officer.

During the summer, prosecutors released a document, stating that there were "insufficient basis to pursue criminal charges" against Officer John A. Ward, who was later identified as being engaged to one of the young boy's sister ("Officer faces no charges over gun," Oct. 10). There should be justice for all grieving families involved. The death of this young girl was senseless and inhumane. Having the alleged murder weapon in an officer's car is very damaging and should be enough to prosecute him. The victim's family was never notified of the decision not to indict of the officer, which would sadden any family who lost such a young life to gun violence.

There have been many cases of officers who have been caught in many horrible acts, and their cases are still pending in court. Officers should face the same consequences as any individual, especially if there is enough evidence to involve homicide detectives. It's a horrible feeling to know there could be a slight possibility of a corrupted officer. The community and the family should be notified of any change or ruling in this untimely death of such a young girl.

Jessica Villatoro

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