A first meeting with a florist is an eye-opening experience

October 15, 2012|By Rachel Gatulis, For The Baltimore Sun

I just met with my potential florist last night and I LOVE HER. She is the cutest woman (even at 8 months pregnant!). She was so easy to talk to. She was open to my suggestions and had some incredible ideas of her own.  I am not well versed with flowers or floral arrangements and she made me feel very at ease.  The best part is that I get to go with her to the wholesaler and pick which flowers and colors I like for the big day. How fun?

Here is what I learned from our meeting:

  1. I need to do some serious Google image and Pinterest searches. Julie seems to work best when she has pictures to use as inspiration. Since I haven’t put much thought into what to do for center pieces or bouquets yet, I need to start looking at which colors, shapes and styles are out there. Everyone keeps asking me what our theme is, and up until this point I didn’t realize how important it was to have one.
  2. I’m pretty certain I need to hire an event planner. My friends will probably read this and laugh, thinking, “Rachel, you of all people should use an event planner, duh.” After browsing through Julie’s pictures of weddings past, I realized how many small (and sometimes large) details I haven’t taken into consideration. For example, Andrew really wants to write our seating arrangements on a chalk board or window pane. I like that idea but I never thought about where I would find the board, how much it would cost or who has nice enough handwriting to write names for me.  Certainly not Andrew or myself.
  3. There are a lot more occasions for flowers at a wedding than I had anticipated. After going through the list of flowers typically used for wedding events, I noticed there would be a much larger order than I thought -- specifically, for the cocktail hour and ceremony. Andrew and I originally decided on our ceremony venue for the view so I assumed we wouldn’t need much more than some chairs. Then, after meeting with Julie, she showed me a lot of options for arrangements that would not inhibit the view and would enhance the atmosphere. Her ideas made the vision I had of the ceremony exponentially prettier.

Now that many of our larger decisions have been made, it is fun to start thinking about all the personal details that are involved. Luckily, I’m told June is an incredible month for flowers.  It is really comforting to know that our vendors are inventive and, above all, know what they are doing!

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