Local Business Provides Job Opportunities for Homeless Veterans

October 15, 2012|From The Aegis

Areas USA, the company contracted to operate the Chesapeake House travel plaza on I-95 near Perryville, as well as the Maryland House near Aberdeen, has been commended for its efforts at hiring veterans who have sought assistance at the Perry Point Medical Center.

"It is so rejuvenating to know that there is a local business who appreciates the fact that I served in the military and is willing to provide me and my fellow veterans with a second chance at employment," Victor Rivera, a veteran in the Domiciliary Care Program at the Perry Point Veterans Affairs Medical Center, said in a press release.

Rivera is among nine Veterans from the VA Domiciliary Care Program who recently attended a job fair at the Cecil County Workforce Center in Elkton, and all were hired to work in various hospitality positions with Areas USA. Areas USA is the company selected by the Maryland Transportation Authority to run the day-to-day operations of the Chesapeake House travel plaza on I-95 near Perryville.

While the Maryland House travel plaza near Aberdeen is closed for renovations until next fall, Areas USA is also the company contracted to operate that facility. After the Maryland House re-opens, the Chesapeake House will be closed for renovations.

"This recent hiring activity is wonderful news for the Perry Point VA Domiciliary Care Program, where a multidisciplinary team, consisting of a VA physician, nurses, social worker, vocational and occupational therapists, aim to rehabilitate and successfully reintegrate homeless Veterans into the community through treatment, counseling, job assistance and home placement," Janis Dellman, a social worker assigned to the Domiciliary who transported the veterans to the job fair, said in a press release.

A close association between the Perry Point VA Medical Center, Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, and the Susquehanna Workforce Network, Inc., allows staff to exchange information about local hiring opportunities.

"I am elated that each Veteran from the Perry Point VA Medical Center's Domiciliary Care Program who attended the job fair was hired by Areas USA," Jack Charles, veterans employment representative with the Maryland DLLR, said in a press release.

According to Carlos DeJesus, director of operations for Areas USA: "We live in freedom, thanks to the men and women who defend our country. The least we can do is help them get integrated into the workforce of the nation they defended and we are proud and honored to employ them."

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