Why I left Baltimore City for the county

October 14, 2012

For 25 years I called Baltimore City home, and for probably two-thirds of that time I could not have been prouder. I graduated from City College at a time when it was a wonderful school.

But after returning to Baltimore at the end of 2000, I must say nothing could be more disappointing than the current city leadership, from a former mayor who conned the system and stole gift cards intended for needy children to a current mayor who cons the system and blames every mistake on others.

Maybe Her Mayoress should get on her expensive new telephone system and spend more time calling around to find out what is really going on regarding the school system, illegal towing operators and the background of her new police commissioner; also the drug trade, murders, a sky-high property tax rate and the ill-fated event known as the Baltimore Grand Prix.

The mayor seems so at odds with other key members of her administration and City Council that it would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Unfortunately, she seems to have built a political machine that ensures her reelection, which is the real tragedy. For the above reasons we moved to Baltimore County in 2007.

Llib Recneps, Baltimore

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