Carroll County nets $618,000 for land preservation efforts

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October 13, 2012

Carroll County's Agricultural Lands Preservation Program has been awarded $618,000 through the Maryland Rural Legacy Program for preserving farmland or natural lands.

The county will use the funds to buy conservation easements from willing sellers within designated areas. The easements reserve property from future development, but the land remains in private ownership. The owner is compensated for essentially "retiring" the development potential on the land.

The Maryland Rural Legacy Program was created in 1998 to preserve large contiguous areas of rural land.

In Carroll County, two Rural Legacy Areas are designated. One, the Upper Patapsco Rural Legacy Area, encompasses lands around the towns of Manchester and Hampstead. The second, the Little Pipe Creek Rural Legacy Area, encompasses most of western Carroll, north of Liberty Road.

To date, approximately 62,000 acres in Carroll County have been permanently protected from development through various preservation efforts.

For more information on land preservation in Carroll County, contact Ralph Robertson or Deborah Bowers in the county Department of Land Use, Planning and Development, at 410-386-2214.

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