Deadspin calls out for early ALCS call

October 12, 2012

It was probably an honest mistake, but the sports website blasted on Friday after Major League Baseball’s official website posted a TBS promo for the opener of the American League Championship Series that listed “Tigers vs. Yankees” as the opposing teams.

Of course, the Yankees haven’t gotten in yet, so it was a little premature and it allowed Deadspin to have some fun at’s expense with a headline that read “ Has Already Penciled In The Yankees For An ALCS Appearance.”

Doubt there’s any evil MLB conspiracy afoot to keep the nation’s biggest media market in play for the next playoff round, but it did cross my mind when home plate umpire Mike Everett called Matt Wieters out in the second inning on a ball that catcher Russell Martin almost had to pluck off the ground, then rung up Manny Machado on a check swing when the bat barely got off his shoulder.

Just a coincidence, of course.

NOTE: Screenshot of the page above provided by reader Robert Brady. (Look at the panel on the right side.)

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