Do petitioners lie? Turns out, yes

October 11, 2012

"Would I lie?"

This was the petitioner's answer when I asked questions about the petition she was anxious for me to sign. A brief sentence on the petition did state that any Baltimore County resident could sign even though the referendum would only affect land use decisions in two Baltimore county districts. Although this is true, when I asked if the purpose was to prevent land currently zoned for less dense growth from changing to higher density, she answered, "Yes," followed by, "Would I lie?"

This, however, is not what the referendum is about, so she did lie. I'm so sorry that I had not read the correct information in The Sun ("Balto. Co. groups are opposing referendum," Oct. 9) before I signed as I rushed out of the grocery store. I hope no one else falls into their trap.

Mary C. Bunting, Baltimore

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