Matt Birk's remarks on gay marriage timely, but wrong

October 11, 2012

Ravens player Matt Birk's remarks on gay marriage were timely in relation to the vote coming up next month, but they are wrong ("Strengthening marriage," Oct. 8).

Gay people are not asking for special rights but for society to acknowledge that gay couples deserve the same rights everyone else has.

Everyone else is allowed to legally marry, such as couples of different races and divorced people. These marriages used to be against the law.

As a gay Christian, I have known my whole life that I am different and that it was not my choice. I would like the same protections under the law that my heterosexual friends have.

There are many benefits of legal marriage. There are also many areas of discrimination that I have felt throughout my life by not having the protection of marriage. I support heterosexual marriage and believe that husbands and wives should care for their children in a responsible way.

My marriage to another human being that I love would not infringe on any of those rights. I do not solicit anyone to be gay, for it has been a hard life of not being able to share anything about my love for my partner of 32 years with co-workers and many of my own family. It is time for a change.

Sherry Hope, Baltimore

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