Letter: Joppa doesn't want any more trash dumps

October 11, 2012


An article in The Aegis Oct. 3 entitled "Trucking trash out is pushed" missed a very important part of the meeting. In the paragraph "As for what would happen to the Route 7 former-Plecker property, Guthrie said in September when addressing the Bush River Community Council, it would likely end up being converted for use as a waste transfer station for use by individual county residents rather than by waste hauling firms." The reaction from the people attending the Joppa-Joppatowne meeting was very much opposed to any sort of transfer station. The Joppa area has enough in the way of trash dumps.....we don't need any more. Nor do we need the increased traffic that a station would create. A community center/senior center would be very much to our liking.

Carolyn Hicks


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