Letter: Walmart not concerned with the community

October 11, 2012


It might surprise you to know that the Bel Air, Maryland residents do not want you to build an enormous Walmart Supercenter in our residential neighborhoods, a store that will destroy our community. We realize that the "bottom line" is your concern. Our concerns are: safety of the children walking to school, residents walking to a nearby shopping center and I don't believe that they would walk to Walmart, bikers and runners no matter the road improvements you propose. 

Congestion is another concern with the addition of 10,000 cars per day, your numbers, and the traffic will be horrible delaying the response time of fire trucks and ambulances answering calls, entering and exiting neighborhood roads around the store. The roads from Plumtree Road - .4 to the school and fire station, .6 and .8 and 1 miles to neighborhoods - will be highly impacted – intersections that suffer from congestion already.

Environmental impact is a further concern with the lighting surrounding the store, emissions from trucks and the additional cars plus destroying trees and wildlife habitats. What would be the impact from rain water runoff from such a huge parking lot.

Economic impact on surrounding businesses will be tremendous. I know you have heard that complaint before and it has not deterred you. However based on all of our concerns, please reconsider your intentions. The land where the current Walmart is located would accommodate a store the size of the one in Fallston. Why is it necessary to build a bigger store? You are taking a valuable resource in an underserved area to an area that is overserved. I understand your scare tactics: those underserved customers would have no place to shop while the current store is being rebuilt. And, employees would lose their jobs as a result of the store rebuilding. It would make sense to transfer these people to other locations. But I have to ask myself, when have your employees been a major concern to you?

This whole thing makes us shudder. We can only wonder how you might feel in our situation. But you can't or won't put yourself in our shoes.

Anne M. Brown

Bel Air

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