Cuts put Towson in minor leagues

October 10, 2012

When I heard the news, I thought it was a joke. My alma mater, Towson University, has made an entirely irrational decision to drop both men's baseball and soccer programs ("Angry coach says officials kept quiet about folding team," Oct. 4). Apparently, there is a collegiate rule that strives for gender equality participation in sports, and there was some imbalance in the numbers of female athletes versus male athletes. Once again, political correctness rears its ugly head, and who loses? The baseball and soccer programs, of course. More importantly, the kids will suffer due to the cuts.

My nephew is the second baseman at Towson. He and his teammates were sickened at the news. What is particularly galling is the university just received a $500,000 windfall for the football team playing perennial powerhouse Louisiana State University. The timing for the announcement regarding dropping baseball and soccer couldn't have been worse.

Third year Athletic Director Mike Waddell is the apparent hatchet man. Towson University, the second largest college in Maryland, wants to run with the "big dogs" and build the school as an institution to be respected and admired.

It's a shame all Mr. Waddell has done is to remain in the doghouse.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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