Mismanaged funds could have been used to provide meaningful experiences for city schoolchildren

October 10, 2012

As a Baltimore City teacher of infants and toddlers, I was appalled, frustrated and disappointed after reading your article regarding the recent financial audit of the city school system ("Schools get 'F' in finance control," Oct. 7).

Providers of early intervention services to children under 3, our most vulnerable population, were recently told that there is no money for field trips this year. This will force us to charge at least $20 for a trip to the pumpkin farm in a few weeks.

Teachers of the very young rely on field trips to help special needs students learn about and experience their environment. But apparently "uncollected debts, unjustified payouts and unreported conflicts of interest" are going to rob our infants and toddlers of any meaningful experiences this year.

Alice Gregg

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