Home design Q&A: Need a rug? We have it covered

Consider layering to add visual interest

October 10, 2012

Need a rug? We have it covered

We just redesigned our home and we need help finding a rug that fits our new living room space, but we don't know what size or orientation would work best. What are your suggestions?

Finding that perfectly sized rug can sometimes be a challenge. My first thought would be a custom rug that would allow you to control the size, shape, and pattern/design of the rug. However, this is not always cost-effective.

So I would suggest an Oriental rug or a reproduction. These tend to be odd sizes that fit well in small spaces, while also adding a unique touch to your home. Find a vendor that will allow you to take home the rugs and try them. Some even have a buy-back program should you eventually move and need a different size rug.

If you went this route, it would give you good coverage horizontally in front of the fireplace and seating area. If you wanted to cover more of the room lengthwise, you could do a neutral-colored solid rug from the couch to the fireplace vertically and then layer it with an animal hide or area rug just underneath the coffee table to define that space further. This would give you visual interest and the ability to change the decor later by just swapping out the rug.

Stephanie Besch Chase is an interior designer and photographer based in Alexandria, Va. You can reach her at stephaniebchase@yahoo.com or by calling 571-218-7883.

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